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How JAVA ensures a secure IT career with fat paychecks?

How JAVA ensures a secure IT career with fat paychecks?



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The answer to this question comprises of multiple reasons like its popularity, ease-to-learn nature, helpful open source tools and libraries etc. Gaining expertise in Java ensures a secure IT career with fat paychecks and the power to create applications with real-world applications.

Java is free, open source programming language and with time, Java has evolved and established its place as an essential ingredient for making successful software and applications.

Starting from requirements to deployment, directly or in-directly, JAVA is always plays an important role. JUnits (Java) for Requirements, Development in Java, JEE frameworks, testing in Selenium (again a Java based product), deployment with maven and ant, Jenkins. You think about a tool and there is Java in it. So Java really became a new mother-tongue of software Industry.

That the reason, for a Java developer, getting a job is not only simpler, it’s also ensures fat wallets.

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