Quran Classes for Children



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United Kingdom
Bristol GB

This course has been designed to help the kids get basic acquaintance of the Arabic letters. The kids are trained to read the letters with Tajweed. This helps the kids learn and read the holy Quran in true Arabic accent. In this class our instructors provide classes on the basic teachings of Islam as well. This course is designed for kids and new Muslims. However adults who are new to Arabic and to Quran also take these lessons for a better understanding how to read the Holy Quran.

Our virtual classroom has the highest quality sound and graphic which provides crystal clear full duplex voice transmission between teacher and students. We use the powerful latest conference technology. In our virtual classroom, student will be able to chat with the teacher through audio,video and text. Our powerful software allows students to practice their Arabic or Tajweed on the whiteboard with the teacher.

Please visit : https://www.mumtazinstitute.com