ROVER C4 a 3D ground scanner and metal detector

ROVER C4 a 3D ground scanner and metal detector



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ROVER C4 a 3D ground scanner and metal detector, a latest German technology for treasure hunting and cavity detection underground.

Rover C4 build on success of previous Rover Series devices (Rover C – Rover CII – Rover Gold) with improved performance and new unique features.

Rover C4 is a perfect device for treasure hunting for buried treasures like chests, boxes, golden and silver coins, rings and jewelry plus it is most powerful device for cavities detection like caves, tunnels and graves…

Rover C4 can be operated easily via touch screen or hardware buttons, the device is also equipped with an innovative LED orbit that indicates underground targets visually via different colored LEDs.

The scanned data can be displayed on a computer or laptop by using Visualizer 3D software which enables the prospector to analyze and get detailed info about targets like its size and depth.

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